EMPOWERMENTS are designed to reprogram your energetic frequency and bring you into closer alignment with your source self (authentic self / higher beingness), also helping the physical body to change and ascend so that it can hold more of your light. JZ channels divine energy and insight for each individual group, Acupuncture points are typically channelled aswell and given with Ascension Programming which may install, activate, or encode sacred geometry, holograms, and other beneficial energy systems, or information to support your self realization and mastery.

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  • In-person Participation

    • (2hr)$125CAD

  • on-line Participation

    • Full service (2hr) $97CAD

    • Ascension PROGRAMMING only (1hr 30min) By donation


What are the effects?

   Some have reported highly transformational experiences or received the clarity or determination needed to carry through profound life changing decisions, however more commonly participants report spiritual and psychic experiences during and after the sessions, participants also commonly report they "get high" from the session, as well as feeling deep inner peace. Some have reported that they are able to reach much deeper meditative states or can sense in more profound ways (ie visions). Essentially the effects depend on the individual, the sessions provide support but it is the individual who walks the journey, everything you experience is a reflection of your capacity in each moment, (such as the inner work you have already done, your programming and so on), you will only receive what you are capable of handling or experiencing. 

Can I get well from Empowerments?

Empowerments are for spiritual development, they may or may not inadvertently assist in helping personal health concerns. Empowerment session time focuses on spiritual health, ascension subjects, developing senses, and aligning with more of the source self, higher self, ones truth and limitlessness, where as Private Sessions target specific intentions and are tailored to your own unique needs.

Everything is connected so it makes sense that raising your frequency and making changes for improvement ripples out and affects other aspects of your life or your experience of self, however, it is strongly recommended that you seek out the appropriate treatment/s and healthcare.

Can I get special attention for a health complaint?

No. Even though some clients have reported improvements in their conditions from Empowerments (without any other type of treatment or therapy) if you have a particular concern that you would like addressed please make a private booking so that your concerns can be properly addressed.

If cost is the underlying reason for choosing Empowerments over Private Sessions then I recommend a 30min on-line session which is close in price to an empowerment session and it targets individual concerns which can bring significantly more value.

What is On-line Participation?

   You will join us over the internet. You receive the same service and attention from JZ as the in-person clients; except all your acupuncture points will be stimulated intuitively rather than physical needles.

   How do I join the session? You will be emailed instructions when you make your online booking. You need an internet connection and to be in a quiet private space for the duration of the session. 

I have Acupuncture Benefits can I use them?

   If you are entitled to acupuncture benefits then it is likely that the session will be accepted as an acupuncture treatment, however it is best to check with your insurance provider.

   In order to receive an acupuncture receipt, physical needles must be used, (therefore In-Person (rather than On-line) participation is required).

Can you do a session just for my private group?

Yes. Let us know what you want in the form below

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How will your group attend?

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I was a buzz (vibrational) big time. This vibration lasted until late morning [the next day]. Thank You for a very uplifting experience. Looking forward to your next session
— A Savoy
Just amazing; I cannot even find the right words to express how I felt and what I experienced... I cannot wait until the next one!
— P Kaur