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  I combine over twenty years of experience with what I intuitively sense and education (in metaphysics, medical intuition, and TCM), and what I have learned is that those who are on a spiritual path ascend faster when spiritual practice is done in conjunction with addressing their personal obstacles, blocks and limitations.

Enlightenment comes through bringing oneself together within oneself. Each persons spiritual ascension path and healing path is unique and only taken by the individual themselves. My intention is to make the journey more enticing, easier, and much more timely.

Im JZ Bown and it is my pleasure to help, support and guide by providing educational offerings, services, and tools that are divinely guided to empower, expand consciousness and bring about positive changes so that people can live and be the highest and best version of themselves.



JZ Bown Dr.TCM.Dip. B.Msc. R.Ac.

JZ Bown Dr.TCM.Dip. B.Msc. R.Ac.