Intuitive Acupuncture Classes


Intuitive Acupunctre Classes are available for anyone with an interest in using and developing their innate psychic senses and an interest in energy medicine, or acupuncture. Become a Certified Intuitive Acupuncture Practitioner with the completion of all classes.

Intuitive Acupuncture may be applied on yourself and on others, the person can be in the same room as you or anywhere in the world, there is no limit to working intuitively and how it can easily be used with all types of acupuncture or therapies that stimulate acupoints (such as Tapping Therapy) or used in conjunction with other modalities (such as Massage Therapy).

Created by JZ Bown a Registered Acupuncturist and Medical Intuitive with the purpose of bringing the benefits of acupuncture to more people to bring about positive changes for the physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual health. Classes are currently being created and will be ready soon, to be informed when they are available sign up to receive updates as the classes become available.


Intuitive Acupuncture - Theory

Seminar • Webinar

An introduction to acupuncture and non-physical energy, how to train your innate psychic senses when working with acupuncture points or other energy systems


Intuitive Acupuncture - Practical


How to apply your innate psychic senses such as how to find energy centres and discern energies. This class offers a practical application and practice with other class mates with guidance from JZ


Intuitive Acupuncture - Professionalism & Ethics

Seminar • Webinar

Learn the standards and expectations required of Acupuncture Intuitive Practitioners



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