Intuitive Services

     Intuitive services (including Intuitive Acupuncture) can be done remotely from anywhere to anywhere, because the multidimensional realm is not bound by time or space, so it makes no difference if you are in the same room as me.

What am I to expect in or from a session?

     Sessions are intended to place clients into more open and receptive states of awareness, when an expansion of consciousness of other dimensions takes place it is quite common for people to sense feelings, colours, images, and words, insight, as well as receive blocks of information.

     It is not uncommon to experience some things you may not have experienced before. You may feel emotions, you may have epiphanies, or thoughts spring to your mind, you may feel energy coming into you or moving out of you, your body may tremor and twitch as it releases old or stuck energy, you may yawn a lot, you may feel nauseous, you may release long-held tears.

                                                                   [some things are] "Better out than in." 
                                                                                                                Jon Smith   

     For some clients, a session may be profound and for others unquantifiable. New experiences, new information, and transformative change can be exhilarating for some and disorientating for others. It is not uncommon to feel light headded, high, or find difficulty performing tasks such as making another appointment after your session, it is recommended that you take it easy for the rest of the day. Some people feel they need a couple of weeks or a month to process the session. Each person is unique and therefore the session requirements are unique. I recommend committing to a package of sessions and space your sessions no more than a month apart if you are serious about desiring change and receiving support. 

How can I get the most from my session?

    Those who pay attention and take responsibility for themselves, and people who are highly sensitive or intuitive, and those who are genuinely ready for and desiring transformation, and those who already consciously accept themselves as multidimensional beings are able to get more from the session(s).  

     Self-healing, and self-development are largely conscious choices, and so they comprise part of our journey. Transformation is unique to the individual, no two people will walk the same path, such a journey takes courage and a commitment to yourself, and sometimes we need help along the way. When you sign up to work with me we enter into a three way co-creative partnership with the Divine (the highest frequency of the All That Is). You are an active participant in sessions, and a part of being an awakened spiritual being having a physical experience is the awareness that you are responsible for yourself; your health and the outcome of the rest of your life. Whatever your speed and unique requirements are, I am here to assist and support you. Together lets Work Some Magic!


What happens in an Intuitive, Theta Healing, or Spiritual Healing Session?

    In sessions I use the Theta Healing practitioner technique to connect to the Seventh Plane of "All That Is" with my consciousness. "The All That Is," also known as "Creator," "The One," or whatever name you want to give it, is everything. However, I connect to the highest and purest form. This way I can ensure that the information and energy I am working with is pure and of the highest vibration, and without limitation. Theta Healing, Medical Intuition, Spiritual Acupuncture, and Spiritual Healing are not religions, though, like all my offerings, they may be seen as spiritual practises.

     With intention (similar to focused prayer) in meditation, I ask for changes to take place, and then I rely upon the unconditional love of the unified field (the "All That Is") to do the actual “work.” The changes do not come from me, even though you may feel energy coming from me or moving towards my direction. I may be considered a conduit, amplifier, or facilitator, you and the Divine are the healers; I am a witness and as a Spiritual Healer I am a conduit. When a change is witnessed, it can become "real" and manifest in the third dimension (the tangible physical world). 
     I use my Medical Intuitive skills to help people firstly identify, and then secondly release and resolve anything that gets in the way of receiving their own innate ability for self-healing. Releasing and resolving negative vibrations (low frequency energy) may be seen as energetic purification or cleansing. A common comment I hear after a session is "I feel so much lighter," This is because the person is literally able to vibrate at a higher frequency after being released from fear-based negative energies.

     As a Theta Healer Practitioner and Medical Intuitive I help clients identify the root or original cause(s) of why they are experiencing a certain condition. When the root cause(s) are treated the symptoms and side effects (for example negative experiences or physical ailments) may disappear. In a one-on-one session we do the work together by unraveling and piecing together a picture of what is beneficial to change.

     In Group Sessions we clear as much as we can for you to receive the theme but regardless of how the session is delivered (group or one-on-one), it is you who decides if the proposed changes are agreeable and if you would like to receive them or not. I then ask for the changes and intuitively witness; and then we wait and see what happens. It is a collaborative effort; therefore, the more accountable and dedicated you are to your self-improvement and or self-healing the more you will be able to get out of the session(s).

Changed my life.
— Renee Warner RN & Pam Kaur
I found my treatment to be very powerful and it took me a while to process. It served a very important purpose in my healing journey and released many blockages.
— TT
JZ Your skills have provided me with a safety net and an ascension ladder.
— Nina Shoroplova
Your insights and treatments have made such a difference.
— P Bronson