Private Sessions



30 min • 60 min • Intuitive acupuncture (15-45 Min)

In-Person - Vancouver • Salt Spring Island

60 min • 90 min • 3 session Package • 8 session package


 Private sessions are one-on-one, personalized, and customized for each unique client, I offer my wholistic assistance to those who are becoming more light, and looking to transform.


   Sessions are co-creative between clients, myself and source/spirit, I channel from the highest purest place and I believe that being connected intuitively allows for a more fluid, expansive, and integrative medicine. Sessions are divinely guided and I look for the causes of dis-ease with the aim of finding permanent solutions, when the deeper causes of dis-ease (rather than just symptoms) are addressed it allows for numerous changes and sometimes much more profound shifts in varying aspects of the persons life or being.

I believe everything is energy, it follows natural rhythms and is nature, I believe in using the wisdom and power of nature for wellness, healing, and thriving. I may use Acupuncture in sessions, Spiritual Acupuncture is used more for spiritual health, and Traditional Chinese Medicine style of acupuncture is often given for physical conditions. Both types of acupuncture can be installed and activated intuitively with what I call Intuitive Acupuncture (no physical needles), for this reason an On-line client can receive the same treatment plan as they would get In-Person.


   The benefits are not limited to just this lifetime, the positive changes may carry over to other lifetimes aswell as assisting in the souls growth, and it doesn't end there, the session work may also help ancestors and relatives, change the consciousness of those around you, and have influence in the cosmos and other dimensions and realities. 

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
— Albert Einstein
Anything is possible
— Jesus




Packages are for in-person clients who which to dedicate to a course of treatment, and upgrades allow for clients to begin their treatment with the flexibility to enjoy package pricing at a later date if they find more sessions are needed.

Three Sessions upgrade

A 90min session may be upgraded to a Three Session Package. Upgrade and receive two 60min sessions for $650CAD

Eight sessions Upgrade

A 3 session package may be upgraded to an 8 Session Package. Upgrade and receive five additional 60min sessions for $1505CAD

limited time special Offer Upgrade:

For those who are dedicated to transforming their life on a grander scale, when three or more Eight Session In-Person Packages are purchased, receive an additional 30 min onto your 60 min sessions, a $1225 value. (Subject to change without notice.)

*Packages are for in-person sessions only, per client and non-transferable. Upgrades must be purchased within two months from your last session.


How many sessions will I need?

Everyone wants the one session miracle however realistically most people are complicated beings and each person’s goals, capacity and condition are unique. As a guideline the average person who is needing help will benefit from committing to at least three sessions. If you are only receiving Intuitive Acupuncture as a treatment plan then I recommend six to eight sessions.