Private Sessions


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Online/Phone or In-Person - Vancouver • Salt Spring Island

  • single sessions

    60 or 90 min

  • wellness package

    five 90 min treatment sessions*


After an initial 90min session the client has seven days in which to elect to upgrade to a Five Session Wellness Package. (Upgrade to receive four additional 90min sessions). The cost of the initial session is used towards the upgrade.

Salt Spring Island location

Salt Spring Island location

Vancouver location

Vancouver location



As a medical professional, and a skeptic I had to be willing to suspend my disbelief and be open... In one session, JZ changed my life... I highly recommend JZ
— Renee Warner Registered Nurse
Anything is possible
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
— Albert Einstein

*Packages are per client and non-transferable. Upgrades must be purchased within two months from your last session. Special offer upgrades must be purchased within one year from the last appointment and subject to change without notice.

Modalities Video Transcription:

Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is based upon the Tao,  which could translate to everything, nature, the way, the natural order, and everything is considered spiritual. Acupuncture is the largest energy medicine in use today and possibly throughout history, and it was founded on psychic sensing. Thousands of years later Einstein ‘discovered’ that “everything is energy”, though it is still called Qi in TCM because the understanding of Qi surpasses the current western concepts of what energy is and can do. 

TCM treats the causes rather than the symptoms with the understanding that if only a symptom is treated another symptom will arise. if the cause is treated however, then numerous symptoms can disappear and permanently. TCM seeks to restore balance and harmony within the being. I also provide Spiritual Acupuncture which is a combination of acupuncture points that are channeled to me for each client or group which support spiritual growth, and Intuitive Acupuncture is a form of needless acupuncture, (the acupuncture points can be stimulated intuitively), what is so beautiful about that is that I can administer an acupuncture treatment to help someone wherever they are in the world.

A medical intuitive is basically someone who uses their psychic skill and who specializes in the field of medicine, my treatments are divinely guided by source, I am not religious but I am a spiritual person, I believe all things are connected and that there is a creative power humans can tap into to bring about favourable change, I call this source, though you could call it magic, nature, Qi, divinity, creator, and so on. My understanding is that I am connecting to the highest and purest and most relevant aspects of the ‘All That Is’ so I can trust that what I am channeling is the highest and best and for the clients highest and best. 

As a metaphysician I am better equipped to be a spiritual guide and support in the field of spiritual health which is an area very few modalities can address, I see my job as viewing clients as their authentic self which is beyond the dis-ease and layers of limiting programming. There are two ways to heal, one is bringing in the light, the other is resolving the darkness, bringing in the light can be treated with empowerments (which provide encodings and activations to support transcendence), and resolving the darkness I have found its best to focus on resolving the causes of the dis-ease, there is no right or wrong way just what is right for you at this time.

As an intuitive practitioner I am not the only practitioner working with you, source is. Sometimes I am channeling words, sounds, or energy, sometimes I am witnessing changes take place within and for the client, and sometimes other beings come and work, for example psychic surgeons or an ascended master such as Jesus or St Germain. 

Rest assured your treatment is completely unique to you.


Sessions Video Transcription:

I combine over 20 years of experience, education, and skill into each session, however, if you request a specific modality or treatment style then I work within those parameters. Otherwise, I allow guidance through intuitive intelligence which is connection to limitlessness and offers insight to what is for the clients highest and best, which is beyond what any human could learn in a lifetime. I'm JZ Bown my pronouns are They Them, and I use my senses that some might call psychic senses, combined with my knowledge and experience as a Registered Acupuncturist, Medical Intuitive, and Metaphysician to discern the best treatment for each client, condition, and moment. 

Humanity is evolving, people are waking up and becoming more conscious of themselves beyond the physical, many are sensing and having experiences that just can’t be explained by the 3D paradigm. I felt it was my duty as a healthcare professional of this era to adapt my practice to treat and integrate the different aspects of self. There are numerous aspects to each individual, we all exist on many layers and dimensions and realities, and from my experience dis-ease begins elsewhere before it eventually expresses itself through the physical body or through challenging life experiences, and so on. 

Therefore, I take a holistic approach covering the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual as a way to improve quality of life here in the physical plane of existence and beyond, taking clients from where they currently are to were they want to be.

Working with me is like working with several practitioners at once. The video below describes my modalities briefly.

Because we will be working outside of the limitations of time and space it means that what can be achieved in an in-person session can also be achieved across any distance with online sessions. I work in Vancouver monthly, Salt Spring Island weekly, and I’m online during the week, for in-person sessions package upgrades allow clients to enjoy package pricing at a later date without an up-front commitment. Those who are dedicated to their healing usually commit to a package because let's be realistic, everyone wants the one session miracle but most people require a course of treatment to receive the changes they are seeking.

Most people who come to me just know without a doubt I am the practitioner for them, they like my particular style of treatment, or skill set and so on. However, those who base their healthcare on a financial budget, honestly ask yourself what is the personal value to you to have the results you are seeking treatment for, and also what will it cost you to not take action, doing this often changes a persons perspective on value. Life is short and I want you have a quality life, if you genuinely recognize the value of working with me and still need financial assistance there is a link button below.

I believe anything is possible and my passion is resolving the obstacles and bringing in the light to help empower clients so they are more capable and more likely to fulfill their intentions for coming to earth, live happier lives and have a bigger impact on those around them and limitlessly.

I look forward to working with you.