TCM Acupuncture


What is tcm acupuncture?

 The TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) style of acupuncture, works with the body's meridians (energy pathways), to encourage the body's natural innate healing process. Acupuncture treatments target a wide range of conditions. 

     Acupuncture is commonly sought as it is one of the most effective modalities in the treatment of pain. It also speeds up the rate at which your body can heal itself, because acupuncture moves energy. 
When this energy (also known as Qi, Chi, Ki, Prana, Manna, Manas, and life force) moves, it clears away stagnations, such as swelling, and brings in fresh blood, nutrition, and vitality, allowing your body’s innate healing ability to put you on the path to a speedy recovery. The sooner you come for a treatment after an injury, the sooner you are likely to recover, and with fewer treatments needed.


What is a session using only TCM Acupuncture?

  I work closely with each client with the intention of uncovering and treating the  cause of the ailment/s, rather than the symptoms. Together, we work to create a healthier, happier you. I have experience in treating a wide spectrum of ailments in the 15 years I have been a BC Registered Acupuncturist, and I aim to make the session time as effective and powerful as I know how. For your comfort and care I offer my undivided attention to each individual, (rather than treating several different people at the same time or leaving the treatment room once the needles are in). For more information please visit the Acupuncture FAQ's page.

“JZ, you have given my life back to me. I am now able to do things that before I could not; swimming, bending, walking and standing up for period of times, sleeping through the night, mental concentration, and I have ceased to take any pain medication.
— Helga Rogers

I RECOMMEND combining Acupuncture with Intuitive Services

I see a big importance in addressing ALL the different aspects of ‘self’ in our treatment session if a profound change is truly desired. I see these different aspects of self as just different expressions or frequencies of energy that are interwoven and intricately connected, whether you like it or not we are multidimensional beings, existing on more than the physical, for this reason, I recommend making use of all of my skills and knowledge.