“Everyone is changed by your treatment”


"Your insights and treatments have made such a difference

     I want you to know what a difference you have made to my knowledge and care for myself. Your insights and treatments have made such a difference...other extraordinary events have continued to happen and I am welcoming them as they appear...so much more to learn!

     You are so gifted and I am grateful!"

     P. Bronson

"Changed my life

      As a medical professional, and a sceptic I had to be willing to suspend my disbelief and be open. All I can say is that in one session, JZ changed my life.

      Two weeks after our session, I had the answer to a dilemma that I had been struggling with for years. I also experienced the feeling of pure joy for the first time in a very long time. I lost my fear and felt a sense of expansiveness and ease. JZ did for me what no amount of talk therapy could do. I have recommended JZ to friends and family, and they all have reported dramatic positive results. I highly recommend JZ to anyone who is ready for real transformation."

     Renee Warner RN

"I just told everyone about the miracle of your therapy in saving my foot

     You totally saved my leg and my life this summer and for that I am ever grateful to you. I just told everyone about the miracle of your therapy in saving my foot so that more people go to get acupuncture with more faith and less fear."

     Yael Cohen

"JZ, Your skills have provided me with a safety net and an ascension ladder 

     While on vacation out of the country, I fell, broke my hip, and required surgery for a total hip replacement. Back home after hospitalization and rehab, I was still going through lingering emotions and leftover pain. I consulted with JZ and found their balance between intuitive inquiry and empathic imagery to be the perfect catalyst to release unshed tears and free myself to partake in a self-care technique that I have been denying myself for many lifetimes.

     I can heartily recommend JZ’s services. They are the safety net and the ascension ladder that you have been looking for."

     Nina Shoroplova

"I see my calling and purpose with definitive clarity

     "I am so grateful to have discovered JZ. I had so much anger, resentment and bitterness built up within me subconsciously and went about my life hitting consistent road blocks and building iron walls; that all changed after just the first session. I am a fan for life and extremely grateful for JZ’s calm, gentle and peaceful guidance. 

Not only was I able to discover where my medical issues were originating from, I also experienced a grand, indescribable awakening. I am at a place of immense self-love, spiritual awakening, have replaced negative emotions with positive, and friends and family have really noticed how I exude positivity, peace and much more. I have had people say, "I want what you have!"

Before I met JZ and experienced this form of healing I experienced a deep sadness in my everyday life and it affected me in all areas of my being, physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. Sadness and anger have literally dissipated. I honestly feel like I have re-learned how to breathe again and this has led me to believe in myself again.  I am taking major leaps of faith because I trust myself again and see my calling and purpose with definitive clarity. 

My life has literally been furiously fast tracked through JZ’s healing touch and it’s a euphoric feeling that is just priceless! Thank you isn’t enough JZ for showing me how to gain charge of my own vibration!"

     Pam Kaur 

"Very powerful 

      Amazing treatment. Intense and very deep… I appreciated how thorough you were and you were very generous with your time. 

      I found my treatment to be very powerful and it took me a while to process. It served a very important purpose in my healing journey and released many blockages. I truly appreciate the time and energy that you shared with me."


I felt relief, and had a great sensation of freedom

     "I want to thank you very much for the intuitive session. I am so pleased to be helped by you, you are very intuitive and the simplicity you handled my problems with [negative] energies was amazing. After you closed the gates [portals] that was bringing in these energies I felt relief, and had a great sensation of freedom. 

     "I am looking forward to our next session. Thank you so much again."

     Joceline C, UK

"A soothing and refined approach to treatments

     JZ's confidence and warmth immediately put me at ease. They are an expert with the needles and have a soothing and refined approach to treatments. I have recommended JZ's treatments to many of my pregnant yoga students who need relief from pain."

     Tricia Keith, Certified Yoga Teacher

"Thank you for that profound experience

     I just wanted to write you and thank you for that profound experience on Friday. It was amazing connecting with you and experiencing everything that unfolded in our session. I feel free and lighter but also know there is still work left to be done. I am looking forward to seeing you Wednesday :)"


"Subtle, yet poignant

     I had the wonderful opportunity of experiencing Esoteric Acupuncture from JZ over a period of a year. Having experienced painful acupuncture previous to JZ, I was relieved and delighted that their way of inserting needles was painfree and easy. Being acupuncture for the etheral body, the results were very subtle, yet poignant. And, I love the mini massage JZ provides to end each session which left me feeling very comforted and cared for.''

Karen Laskey, MCT, CHt

"I have left feeling euphoric and full of purpose

      JZ Bown is a wonderful intuitive acupuncturist.  Their methods elicit higher consciousness and awareness. As JZ energetically looks inside the body, they provide insights and act as a mirror for greater understanding of health and emotional well-being.  I have left feeling euphoric and full of purpose."

     Toni Latour

"I have regained my health

     Thank you, I'm flying back home to South Africa with a smile. Prior to arriving in Vancouver I could hardly walk or sit for long hours without pain due to my rheumatoid arthritis.

      In just 3 months I feel much much better and I can walk for long hours too. I have regained my health thanks to you. Not only are you a good Dr. 
[healthcare professional], but also a gentle caring and most friendly person."

     Dee Vallabli

"I cut down my pain medications by two thirds

      I have cut down my pain medications by two thirds. 

     My first treatment I had so much back pain I had difficulty getting onto the treatment table and I could only stay for 10 minutes of my treatment time (because I could not lie in one position). After 5 treatments I could get onto the table as if I didn't have a back problem, in less than 10 treatments I could even pick things up off the ground - I hadn't been able to do that for a year.

     "Before coming to JZ I was apprehensive about getting acupuncture because I didn't want it to be painful and being touched on my back caused more pain, but JZ is very gentle and explains their treatment. It isn't painful and I actually enjoy my treatments.

     "Since getting acupuncture my whole life has turned around and I owe it all to JZ. Disabled by a degenerative bone disease (Osteoporosis) and an immune deficiency (HIV), I thought I would live out the rest of my life in the care facility where JZ treated me. Now I have my own apartment again, and a positive outlook on life.

Thank you for everything, you are amazing and a gift. 
   Richard Woods

"you have given my life back to me

     "I have suffered lower back pain for over 30 years. My back pain has been managed through most therapies available short of surgery. 

     "Here is where I confess that I had been to another acupuncturist, who did not give me a satisfactory result. Any other therapies I’ve taken produced little result for a short time. 

     "When I set up the first appointment I was hesitant and not really expecting more than a band aid treatment to my back. Much to my amazement after the first session my back did feel better and the threshold of pain was noticeably decreased. As JZ progressed with the acupuncture sessions my back became less painful and I’ve actually experienced what it is to live without pain!!! I now know what it is to be pain free for days at a time!!! 

     "JZ, you have given my life back to me. I am now able to do things that before I could not; swimming, bending, walking and standing up for period of times, sleeping through the night, mental concentration and I have ceased to take any pain medication.

     "My family and friends have seen the difference that the treatments have produced on me, they too are astounded that I am able to claim back my body and no longer live in chronic pain. I do not hesitate to recommend JZ to anyone who is open to experience good health.

     "Thank you from the bottom of my spine."

     Helga Rogers

"Excellent service

     "Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service you have given me over the last months; I do feel a lot better thanks to your caring for me."

     Doreen Videto

 "I have totally regained movement

     "My neuropathy was quite severe. At one point, it was quite painful. I used to get muscle cramps and pain. I had Neuropathy in my hands and feet and I couldn't sleep because of it.

      "When I first started seeing JZ I had pain from my feet right up to my buttocks and it was uncomfortable for me to sit down. Over time with the acupuncture I was able to ween myself off the Gabapentin [a drug commonly prescribed for neuropathy, which treats pain and convulsions] and reduced the amount of painkillers. I had been taking Gabapentin for about five years. Now I have totally regained movement in my hands and feet and have no pain at all, I still get a little numbness in my left leg and buttock (I was hit by a car in 1991 and I think that may be the reason)."

     Martin Olson 

"Instant relief

     JZ is intuitive and knowledgeable, and has the ability to assess areas of pain and relieve it. They are personable and put you at ease by explaining the process step by step. I have had, in some cases, instant relief from pain with just one treatment session. In another case, I had tried several modalities to relieve a sports injury and it wasn't until I worked with JZ, that I was able to find relief after about four sessions. JZ comes highly recommended."

     Tracey Knihnitski

"Thank you for a very uplifting experience   

     "Just a quick feed back on last night’s Group Session, I awoke around 02:00am this morning and was a buzz (vibrational) big time. This vibration lasted until late morning. Thank You! for a very uplifting experience. Looking forward to your next Group session "

     Allen Savoy

Talented...professional and listens

     JZ is talented. I have been to them at least six times with great results. JZ is professional and listens. I would definitely recommend JZ to all that view this.

     Susan Moerman

"I was very pleased with the results

     I recommend JZ Bown for their exellent skills. They worked steadily with me in order to bring my shoulder back to function, and I was very pleased with the results. Ultimately, JZ is jovial, and has a very possitive outlook, always striving to better the world, and themselves, as well as helping others around them."

     Sandra Cadavid RMT

"I would strongly recommend

     JZ was a great help to me. They understood specific aspects of my needs, and communicated with me what they saw and how they envisioned the course of treatment would be most beneficial. They are easy going and made me feel comfortable/less anxious about the needles. I would strongly recommend JZ to all who are suffering, in pain, or are ill."

     Gwendda Peck

"Expert in their field

     JZ is passionate about their chosen profession which makes them a results oriented acupuncturist. I highly recommend them as an expert in their field."

     Brenda Delville-Pratt

"I instantly felt better

JZ is very professional and thorough. I was skeptical at first; however, after one treatment I instantly felt better. Acupuncture works and JZ ensures it is a painless experience for you.

     Nancy Kato